Paris Cleanweb Hackathon

Tomorrow, Sat. 16th 11am-1pm at Centquatre (5 Rue Curial Paris 19) in Les Ecuries (basement floor), join us for an open conversation about Cleanweb.

Share and engage conversations with Blake Burris (Cleanweb co-founder), Elalab (french gvt open data), Ijenko, Veolia Innovation Accelerator, Cleantuesday, Generation Cleantech, and many other participants lining up.

Let’s kick a lasting Cleanweb initiative in France, and build up for the next events!

Developers, startupers, investors, media, etc.. are welcome to join the session and participate in the other workshops organized in the same venue – hack the city and social innovation – for the entire week end, in a friendly open co-working space.

And don’t forget, it’s all free and public! no registration, no fees, just ideas and fun!




The Paris Cleanweb Hackathon evolves toward a more concentrated format, to provide rich experience and conversations to participants, vistors and sponsors: a weekend to share, experiment, hack, and create links between innovative communities, all happening at CENTQUATRE (see Venue tab) in Les Ecuries (basement floor)

- an open gathering on Saturday 16th from 11am to 1pm, with Blake Burris, co-founder of Cleanweb, where all participants are invited to share their perspective and ideas for Cleanweb. This first meeting will pave the way to a lasting Cleanweb initiative in France and Europe, and to the organization of future Cleanweb Hackathons.

- an open co-working space workspace with free wireless for developers or designers who want to meet and work on specific projects related to any topic addressed in the Futur en Seine event -Man, City, Environment- open Sat. June 16th 11am-9pm and Sun. June 17th 11am-7pm.

- several animations, demonstrations, creations and collaborations opportunities with Ville de Paris “Hack the City ” program and La Ruche social entrepreneurs communities

The new event format is all free of charge and does not require any registration.



The Cleanweb Hackathon is an upcoming gathering to demonstrate the impact of applying information technology and open/big data to resource constraints. Learn more about Cleanweb idea, hackathons and apps here!